Ahhh so you seek The Pearl… but which one?

Rummage down the back of the internet’s sofa.

Raid the princess’s jewel collection, listen to the sea creature’s song, follow the thread carefully – one wrong turn can leave you lost.


How fast can you hunt?

28 minutes

winning time for the first run of this hunt.

45 minutes

target completion time


donation to take part

Play with friends

  1. Gather your friends in your online space of choice (anywhere you can post photos – a WhatsApp or Facebook group is perfect.)
    2. Get everyone to start on this page.
    3. Shout go – everyone click on the START THE HUNT button at the top of the page to begin.

With thanks

The Wikipedia Treasure Hunt was invented by our friend Ben Sheppard. The clues are written by Sam Wong, New Scientist journalist and crossword setter.

We don’t update old hunts or check the clues still work. If this hunt is more than a few weeks old there’s a chance that an update to a Wikipedia page might derail it. If you notice any issues, email [email protected] and I’ll give you a code for a replacement hunt.

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