looking for a new online team activity?

The Wikipedia Treasure Hunt is easy to run, and a hilarious, adrenaline-hit for your next team Zoom social.

Great fun for any size of team!

How to play Wikipedia Treasure Hunt with your team

1. Choose a Treasure Hunt

Use any option from our list of past hunts, or contact us to ask for a bespoke option!

2. Set a finish line

Tell your team where to share the image at the end to win your hunt. You could agree to upload the file in your Zoom chat or share it in a Slack channel. You could even just tell them to email the photo to you! As long as you’re able to tell who got there first…

3. Everyone start on the same page...

For example, tell everyone to open this page if you want to play The Sixth Ring.

4. start the hunt!

Shout “go” and watch as your team races around the internet, and see who can complete the hunt first!
(We think it’s most fun if everyone’s in a video call together while they race…)

More options for companies

Pay in advance

If you want to cut out the step where your team members pay £3.50 to get their clues, we can sell you a set number of treasure hunt codes in advance, which will enable everyone to bypass payment. Just get in touch and let us know that you’d like to pay for your team’s Treasure Hunts in advance.

Bespoke hunts

Have your teams already tried our existing hunts? Want your hunt to be longer, shorter, or on a particular theme? We can write bespoke options for your team, get in touch with Ellie, below.

Company start page

We can create a branded treasure hunt start page that includes your specific instructions (like where to post the photo to win.)


Talk to Ellie

Give Ellie from Child.org a call on 07956 237939, or email [email protected] to discuss how the Wikipedia Treasure Hunt could work for your company, group or club.

We’ve worked with teams from Mazars, LinkedIn and Airbnb during lockdown to create bespoke remote experiences – we know how to entertain your colleagues and make sure everyone has a great time.

35 minutes

average time to complete a Wikipedia Treasure Hunt.

2 - 500

Fun for any number of players!


per person

What they said:

“Didn’t think I’d ever have so much adrenaline scrolling through Wikipedia.”

“This was a brilliant idea by the way. I really hope you do more. I will encourage my friends to have a go too!”

“That was awesome.”

“I took a very long time but this was so great, thank you!”