It is impossible to cheat at the Wikipedia Treasure Hunt and impossible to prepare.

Follow the clues across Wikipedia to crack puzzles, solve mysteries and find the treasure fastest.


It’s fun. Honestly.

“Didn’t think I’d ever have so much adrenaline scrolling through Wikipedia.”

“This was a brilliant idea by the way. I really hope you do more. I will encourage my friends to have a go too!”

“That was awesome.”

“I took a very long time but this was so great, thank you!”


How does it work?

Click on “play now” and you’ll be led to a page where you donate £3.50 to to receive a PDF with your clues. Follow them round Wikipedia as fast as you can to find the treasure! There might be a few puzzles, most clues just involve searching the page for the right information.

Race your friends

The Wikipedia Treasure Hunt is most fun when you race your friends – just arrange to start the hunt at the same time (each person on their own laptop). At the end of each hunt there’s an image you can share in your group chat when you’re done – the first person to share the image wins!

What does it cost?

To get the clues and start the hunt, you need to contribute £3.50 to

Can kids take part?

The hunt is designed for adults, but there’s nothing inappropriate and kids are welcome to have a go. We have more fun treasure hunts for kids here.

How long does it take?

Most people finish in about 40 minutes. The winning time for the first hunt was 26 minutes. My mum took about 2.5 hours, but she enjoyed every minute.

Someone shared the clues with me for free, what should I do?

Donate £3.50 to’s emergency coronavirus appeal, and please ask them to forward people the link to buy their own clues in future. It’s only £3.50.

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